Monday, December 23, 2013

Visions of Sugar Plums Dance in my head

As promised, here is a peek at some more of the work that has kept me en pointe  lately.

Please welcome our next guest. She isn't a sugar plum, but she could teach you to make one, and she dances (though, admittedly, not well);

she's ChefArella!

ChefArella Is a rhyming story about a princess who wants to be a chef, but whose mother insists princesses should be ballerinas.

If all goes well, the story will be self-published by the author sometime next year (cross your fingers). I have been contracted to do some editing and illustrating.

I recently finished a mock-up, or "dummy" for the project. A dummy allows you to see how the book will split into pages and where the text will fall. It's a rather involved process, but a lot of fun. 

 For now, I will post some of my favorite thumbnails from the dummy. 

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