Saturday, July 11, 2015

A little Portraiture

The hubby recently recently downloaded this portrait course from Scott Waddell's website. We sat and watched it in silent awe for most of the 149 minutes of its duration. Isn't it mesmerizing to watch a master at their craft? 
The Portrait Course

We concluded that there should definitely be a TV channel dedicated to "people who are really good at stuff, doing said stuff"--but quietly and without showmanship. Just doing it. Imagine whittlers, chefs, potters, bonsai tree pruners, those guys that put ships in bottles. You know what I mean . . . Am I right?

Anyway, it inspired us both to do a little portraiture. Since I'm too squirrely (read impatient) to deal with oils, and since I've been thinking I should do some studies of children anyway, I whipped this up:

I spent about an hour on it in Photoshop. Yes, she's from a photo, and no, she in no way compares to Mr. Waddell's amazing work. But, practice makes perfect, right?