Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Just thought I'd "treat" you all to some old, spooktacular, coloring book illustrations this evening.

Happy Halloween guys and ghouls!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A turtle and his type 1 diabetes: an app

Last spring was mostly consumed by work for this project: Toby's T1D Tale, an app for a company called Insulet which makes tubeless insulin pumps called "Omnipods."

The app is an interactive story for children learning to manage their type 1 diabetes. Here's an article about the app's launch.

Here you can see the "pod" on a child's arm.

Toby, the main character, lives in a charming valley beside a winding river.

He's a typical turtle, which is to say he likes soccer, I guess.

He and his brother enjoy eating breakfast together, though Toby prefers NOT to eat worms for breakfast (imagine that).

When Toby discovers he has diabetes, Dr. Hoot and Nurse Meow teach him how food will affect his condition.

 They explain what happens when you eat . . .

. . . and what that pesky pancreas does (or in this case, doesn't do).

Mrs. Turtle makes a notebook to help keep track of Toby's health . . .

. . . and teaches the Hare family how to use Toby's insulin pod so he can still sleepover away from home.

It's a cute little app, and while it's geared toward Omnipod users, it's free and still has good information for any child you might know with diabetes--or for anyone who just wants a look-see.